Our Technologies
Flutex® technology

Comprising the most advanced technologies in the biolipid industry, our Flutex® platform combines innovative green chemistry methods such as supercritical CO2 fluid extraction and chromatography technology to extract, purify, separate and concentrate individual fatty acids from omega-3 oils.

Our patented process maintains GRAS status and significantly improves the quality of the oil compared to other chemical concentration procedures which typically create isomers and other contaminants due to their use of organic solvents.


Unique to Solutex, Flutex® enables higher potency omega-3 ingredients (up to 97%), as well as the flexibility to customize ratios for condition specific formulas.

Cleantex® technology

A patented purification process, Cleantex® gently removes contamination including heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and others. Leveraging our Flutex® technologies and equipment, Cleantex® utilizes nitrogen rather than steam, to reduce the risk of oxidation.

Cleantex® also includes deodorization technology to eliminate potential residual flavors and enhance consumer experience. It reduces fish oil odor and aftertaste while preserving efficacy and saving energy.


An environmentally-friendly process, with zero waste, Cleantex® is suitable for a variety of applications – from softgels and capsules, to emulsions that completely dissolve in water.

* Patented in USA US/9309484 and Europe EP/2732014

EmugelTM Emulsion Technology

Developed through sustainable innovation, our omega-3 nano-emulsion technology is designed to completely dissolve when mixed with water-based beverages.

A convenient, highly concentrated dosage form, Emugel™ Emulsion Technology can help increase patient compliance due to the ease of swallowing:


  • More readily bioavailable
  • Refrigeration is not required
  • No fishy burps or aftertaste
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