Omegatex® Plant Based

As a leading vegan omega-3 oil manufacturer, our Omegatex® Plant Based ingredient is sourced from micro-algae – one of our planet’s most sustainable and renewable sources of omega-3.


In its native form, algae oil is a triglyceride which is fully sustained through our gentle purification process. Our additional processing steps further concentrate beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids to provide true product differentiation. The materials are valid worldwide including with EFSA, TGA, FDA, KFDA, plus it’s a highly recognized ingredient for use in infant formulas.

Discover the benefits of plant based Omegatex®

Omegatex® Plant Based is farmed sustainably in Europe and America from the Schizochytrium species of micro-algae. It offers:


  • Tailor-made potencies in TG form
  • Non-GMO & vegan
  • No environmental contaminants
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • First algal EPA/DHA product on the market with Kosher certificate


Want to know more?

Omegatex® Vegan EPA & DHA PLATINUM EPA mg/g DHA mg/g Total Omega-3 mg/g
Omegatex® Algae 30/20 300 200 500
Omegatex® Algae 20/50 200 500 700
Omegatex® Algae 10/60 100 600 700
Omegatex® Algae 12/48 120 480 600
Omegatex® Algae 10/45 100 450 600

*As TG

Omegatex® Vegan DHA ISOLATES DHA mg/g
Omegatex® Algae 80% 800

*As TG

Omegatex® Vegan DHA PLATINUM DHA mg/g
Omegatex® Algae 75% 750
Omegatex® Algae 70% 700
Omegatex® Algae 65% 650

*As TG

Omegatex® Vegan DHA CORE/ULTRA DHA mg/g
Omegatex® Algae 60% 600
Omegatex® Algae 53% 530
Omegatex® Algae 40% 400

*As TG

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