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MaGOmega® is a sustainable, revolutionary omega-3 ingredient, that harnesses the power of biolipid technology to create a microalgae-sourced vegan omega-3 fatty acid, our planet’s most sustainable and renewable source of EPA and DHA.


This innovative ingredient, protected by intellectual property, is sustainably sourced from microalgae for omega-3s and has enhanced bioavailability through its monoglyceride (MAG) form.

Discover MaGOmega® with its unique composition, promoting bioavailability and auto-emulsification. Aiding in the absorption of EPA and DHA, it’s designed for optimal lipid absorption in the human body.

Small but mighty All benefits of omega-3 in a lower dosage

MaGOmega®, a patented* Monoglyceride (MAG) form, sets a new omega-3 fatty acid supplementation standard. This Monoglyceride form ensures enhanced bioavailability and facilitates easier absorption of the essential benefits of EPA and DHA, which are crucial for health and wellness.


As a leading manufacturer of vegan omega-3 oils, we uphold an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality algae ingredients, from sourcing to manufacturing.



* Patented in USA (US8,119,690; US8,198,324); Canada (CA2672513; CA2677670); Australia (AU2008215077); and Europe (EP2121576B1).

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Product EPA mg/g* DHA mg/g*
MaGOmega® 0070 - 700
MaGOmega® 0060 - 600
MaGOmega® 1545 150 450

*As TG


MaGOmega® is an ingredient available in bulk


Introducing MaGOmega® 15/45 our latest vegan EPA+DHA concentrate in MAG form

True sustainability and innovation

MaGOmega® provides a 360º solution, ideal for tapping into vegan markets. It caters to sustainability-focused consumers, offering a unique solution for conscientious consumers.


  • Schizochytrium sp. micro-algae
  • Sourced in Europe & America
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • No environmental contaminants
Unlocking Potential: MaGOmega in Dietary Supplements

MaGOmega® is designed to take advantage of the natural lipid absorption capacity of the human body. Incorporating MaGOmega® into dietary supplements not only aligns with health trends but also presents a distinctive opportunity for brands to set themselves apart from other microalgae or vegan omega-3 products.


Experience the next generation of sustainable, premium omega-3 products with MaGOmega®

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