About Solutex

Solutex is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of highly concentrated omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acids for pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic industries.

Founded in 2004, Solutex provides varying ratios of EPA/DHA in addition to custom formulas and purification options sustainably sourced from algae and fish, and gently processed to your specifications.

Partnering With Solutex

provides expertise
in biolipid research.

Partnering With Solutex

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Partnering With Solutex

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Solutex has a rigorous process for qualifying the best starting material in combination with patented purification methods which enables us to produce biolipids in higher concentrations.

We design and produce tailor made ratios as a result of our extensive purification process. Custom ratios provide variations in fatty acid forms including:

  • EE (ethyl esters)
  • TG (triglycerides)
  • FFA (free fatty acids)
  • MAG (monoglycerides)

Analytic Laboratory

Our facilities include an in-house analytical lab and our operations run 24/7. We provide analytic studies to ensure ingredients and finished products are meeting specifications and adhering to quality standards.

We are committed to executing reliable, quality analysis and maintaining a solid foundation for analytical test methods and procedures.

Social Commitment

Catedra Solutex of Sustainable Chemistry (University of Zaragoza)

Solutex commitment with the youth education leads to the foundation of the award La Catedra Solutex of Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza.

The award grants two scholarships towards a Master’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry to students in their fourth year of pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. In addition, an internship of 350 hours is offered at Solutex upon coursework completion.



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