Vegan DHA Monoglyceride

Studies demonstrate that omega-3’s in monoglyceride form are more bioavailable in our bodies than EE or TG forms. Solutex is the only supplier providing a vegan option in monoglyceride (MAG) form.

Why MAG is more readily Bioavailable

EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids are available in ethyl ester EE and triglyceride (TG) forms.

Once ingested, fatty acids break down into smaller components for absorption in the mucosal cells of the digestive track.

Studies demonstrate the monoglyceride form bypasses the process of breaking down into smaller components and is directly absorbed in the digestive track making MAG more readily bioavailable.

MAG-DHA increases oral bioavailability of DHA compared to TG or EE forms.






Figure 1:
Pharmacokinetic experiments performed on rats treated with an oral dose of 309 mg/kg of either DHA monoglyceride (MAG-DHA), DHA triglycerides (DHA-TG) or DHA ethyl ester (DHA33 EE), based on the recommended daily dose of DHA for humans. (modified from Morin et al, Dec 2011).

3. Morin, Caroline & Fortin, Samuel & Guibert, Christelle & Rousseau, Eric. (2011). ω3 and ω6 CYP450 Eicosanoid Derivatives: Key Lipid Mediators in the Regulation of Pulmonary Hypertension. doi: 10.5772/26561.

The benefits of DHA Monoglyceride

Solutex produces MAG- DHA algae oil from the microalgae Schizochytriumn sp which is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and non-GMO.

  • Unique and IP protected
  • Vegan
  • Up to 53% Monoglyceride DHA
  • More readily bioavailable
  • Clear material well suited for transparent softgels.

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