Project 11th December 2023



The main objective of the project is to investigate and characterize the cohort of Persistent Covid (CPCOVID) in Aragon, and to evaluate the improvement in the quality of life of patients with Persistent Covid through a nutritional and rehabilitative research trial that allows establishing a treatment for the disease.

To achieve this, two main phases are developed:


  • Cohort Phase, aimed at the sociodemographic, clinical, and biological characterization of patients diagnosed with CPCOVID.
  • Intervention Phase, aimed at evaluating the improvement in the quality of life in CPCOVID patients after their exposure to a 12-week specialized nutritional intervention with a natural and standardized nutritional supplement of SPMs (Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators, ingredient LIPINOVA®) along with an exercise and therapeutic education program.



Three centers of recognized prestige are involved in the project, covering the entire Aragon community.


  • University Clinical Hospital Lozano Blesa.
  • Huesca Pyrenees Health Center.
  • Teruel Ensanche Health Center


This project has been co-financed by 50% by the Department of Economy, Planning, and Employment of the Government of Aragon (File IDMF/2021/0008).