16th World Congress on Inflammation, July 21 – 24, Québec City, CA 11th July 2024
Solutex Shines as Diamond Sponsor at WCI 2024 in Québec City

Solutex is a Diamond sponsor at the 16th World Congress on Inflammation, from July 21 to 24 in the picturesque city of Québec, Canada. The conference promises a rich program reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the participating researchers.


Solutex will notably contribute to a Symposium with a presentation titled “Lipid Mediators for Resolution and Beyond.” The symposium will delve into the critical role of lipid mediators in resolving inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration, highlighting our cutting-edge research and innovation.


Our team from Azur Global Nutrition, alongside our CEO, Fernando Moreno, will actively participate in the event. We are honored to highlight the involvement of our esteemed colleague, Professor Charles Serhan of Harvard Medical School, who will deliver a lecture on “Decoding the Resolution Response: Resolvin and cys-SPM Functions in Inflammation – Novel Molecular Links to Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing.” This presentation will be a cornerstone of the conference, providing groundbreaking insights into the mechanisms of inflammation resolution and its implications for medical science.


General Information About WCI 2024


We look forward to welcoming everyone to Québec City for the WCI 2024 Conference! Please visit the event website regularly for the latest updates and information.


The theme for WCI 2024 focuses on “Inflammation in Health & Disease: A Balancing Act,” covering a wide array of topics such as bones and skin, immunometabolism, infectious diseases, lungs, microbiota, mucosal inflammation, neuro-inflammation, pain, resolution of inflammation, trained immunity, and much more.


This biennial congress gathers researchers, clinicians, industry representatives, advocacy groups, and decision-makers from across the field of inflammation. Attendees will explore the latest advancements in basic, translational, and clinical research, including cell biology, signaling, genetics, inflammatory/autoimmune diseases, new biomarkers, and novel therapeutic approaches for human diseases. The WCI Congress, organized by the International Association of Inflammation Societies, will provide an unparalleled opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and international collaboration.


About Québec City


Québec City, Canada is the only North American fortified city, north of Mexico whose walls still exist. One of the oldest cities in Canada, Québec City is renowned for its European charm and stunning landscapes. Founded in 1608, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, celebrated for its rich history and cultural significance. We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful city for an unforgettable WCI 2024 experience.


For more information and to register for the event, please visit the WCI 2024 Conference website.

“Decoding the Resolution Response: Resolvin and cys-SPM Functions in Inflammation – Novel Molecular Links to Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing.”

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