Solutex, since its creation in 2004, bases its business model on the circular economy principles.
Our commitment to environmental protection leads our manufacturing operation with sustainable management of our natural resources.

Green Chemistry
  • No toxic organic chemical solvents.
  • We favor utilization of non-toxic gases vs liquids – CO2 in Supercritical Conditions and Nitrogen – which are easier to manage and can be reused without generating by-products.
Energy Saving Practices
  • The manufacturing facility produces its own energy with natural gas.
  • We maintain a closed-circuit system in the lines of refrigeration and heating, minimizing water and electric consumption.
Our facility allows us the simultaneous obtention of warm water, cold water and electric energy.
No Waste
  • Utilization of renewable raw materials
  • Reutilization of by-products derived from the manufacturing process:
Reutilization of cleaning materials and depleted fractions of Omega-3 within the production system. Secondary products are derivatives and used as biosolvents in the chemical industry, or as biodiesel components, automotive and/or fertilizers. (Example: urea obtained after the purification process is sold as organic fertilizer for agriculture/crops.)

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our responsibility towards the environment, Solutex develops its activity taking into account the sustainable development goals set by the UN for the period 2015-2030, as well as the SGE21 rule of the chemical industry.
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Global Headquarters
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