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Research & Development

Over the span of 15 years, Solutex has achieved 2 breakthrough innovations: a multi-patented technology platform developed through expertise in Supercritical CO2 technology, and new product innovation specific to immune-nutrition.

Two breakthrough innovations

Founded in 2004, Solutex was the first industry leader equipped with Supercritical CO2 Technology and the capability to provide clients with premium omega-3 concentrates.

A short 10 years later, Solutex defined the next generation of Omega-3’s through development of a patented formula containing Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators, the latest scientific discovery in inflammation resolution.

Solutex is committed to innovation

Solutex is passionate about science involving biolipids profiles and ratios of omega-3’s as it applies to consumer needs. We understand the challenges faced by our partners to target specific needs and in response, we’ve developed over 100 formulas in addition to different delivery forms including emulsions and powders sourced from algae and fish.

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted through recent years reinforcing the health benefits of omega-3 EPA and DHA. This analysis fuels the evolution of biolipid science and leads to new discoveries. Focused on this research and the conclusions, our scientists work diligently to develop formulas for next generation omega-3 products to meet the demands of the biolipid industry by offering a competitive advantage. Solutex maintains a portfolio of unique IP protected ingredients as a result of our effort in R&D in conjunction with leading universities, hospitals and specialists, globally.



The newest ingredient introduction at Solutex is based on the recent discovery by Prof. Charles Serhan (co-author of Solutex patents on SPMs) of the mechanism for resolution of inflammation and the metabolites associated with this process. Lipinova is a unique ingredient, highly concentrated in SPMs essential to promoting natural resolution of the inflammatory process.

Resolution Physiology Laboratory

The services provided at Solutex are expanding to include a Resolution Physiology Laboratory which contains the equipment necessary to observe SPM levels of activity, and inflammatory parameters in biological samples. While passionate about the inflammatory response and the correlation between SPMs and resolution, this development in Spain will allow us to better understand and manage resolution of inflammation.




A combination of scientific expertise and passion for lipid profiles led Solutex to develop a new technology platform featuring nano-emulsions.
Emugel is an omega-3 nano-emulsion designed to completely dissolve when mixed with water-based beverages.

  • Convenient, highly concentrated dosage form
  • Increased treatment compliance due to the ease of swallowing
  • More readily bioavailable
  • Refrigeration is not required
  • No fishy burps or aftertaste

Technological Services

Due to an extensive technology platform with a focus on fatty acids, Solutex provides the opportunity to develop products for third parties.

Custom lipid formulations are tested in our pilot plant, an identical platform to our full-scale manufacturing operation, enabling us to develop and validate formulas prior to scaling up for production.
The ability to isolate and separate EPA/DHA, and test formulas at a small scale allows flexibility in our process to maximize efficiencies.

Innovation Programs

Solutex has received funds from the European Union
to develop several research and innovation programs:

Proyecto cofinanciado por la Unión Europea

Programa operativo plurirregional de España 2014-2020

Objetivo: Conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo.

Beneficiario: Solutex GC SL

Proyecto: Z/310/E50 Proyecto de ampliación tecnológica de la fábrica de Solutex, para el aumento de producción de altos concentrados Omega3, y mediadores lipídicos (SPMs).




Bioprintia is a project funded by the CDTI (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology) under the Business Leadership Program in R&D&i “Misiones” (MIG-20201046), on the industrial research of new technologies for the personalized treatment of knee osteoarticular pathologies through artificial intelligence and cell-based implants generated through 3D bioprinting.

MACBETH has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 869896.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020: SME instrument phase 2 project no. 755889

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The COSMOS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 635405.

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Project developed with funds ERDF from the EU.

Industrial energy efficiency project. Funded by the IDAE Aid Program for Energy Efficiency Actions in SMEs and Large Companies of the Industrial Sector II 2018.

  • Total investment: 830.797,02€
  • Aid amount: 249.239,11€
  • Estimated final energy savings (tep/año): 185,07
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